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About Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an organized name in the migration industry, offering sound visa and immigration services sharing broad migration service ground. We are thoroughly focusing on trending global mobility, thereby rendering specialized services. It is the entire team under Immigration overseas that has backed

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Lush green sceneries, exclusive wildlife, soothing beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty, are the characteristics that make Australia, a wonderland. The history, culture, diversity, food & wine of Australia, are enough to keep you under the spell. Being a developed country, it offers an endless growth possibilities for study and work.

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Canada has been a prime destination for immigration for people worldwide. With strong GDP and high human development index, the country provides a pathway to the better future. It also has one of the advanced education facilities, that let students shape their career with flying colors. The Atantic Ocean and numerous mountain ranges offer a variety

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India, a land which rejoices unity in diversity, multicultural values and rich tradition. Each state of the country spells its own unique heritage, which can leave tourists bewitched. A variety of classical dances, unparalleled architecture and soothing music, keeps your spirit high. The country can leave you spoilt for a choice with multifarious tourism options,

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an oceanic island country which is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The country is acknowledged worldwide for its underwater wonders, rolling green hills, black sand surf beaches and wildlife. It also offers a plethora of growth opportunities for businessmen, student and job seekers, owing to the developed economy.

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Advantages of Immigration Overseas:

Why you should look up to Immigration Overseas, when it comes to immigration law services? This question certainly buzzes in your mind if you are going to apply for a visa. Here, we are providing some factors that would definitely satisfy all the heebie-jeebies that you are might be experiencing while choosing us as your companion for the migration proceeding.

These are the factors that make ourselves a sought after company to approach. But, there is another factor that makes us competent enough to provide services of high quality, and it is our team of consultants. We are backed by skilled migration lawyers & visa consultants, who is registered with the eminent migration authorities globally. Their knowledge about migration rules & regulations and visa services, is simply unsurpassed. Owing to their untiring support, we have been able to chase outstanding achievements in the international immigration sphere.


Immigration Overseas is an immigration office certified by all the major immigration authorities worldwide, namely, ICCRC, MARA, OISC, CRCIC, BCI, IAA, MIA, AIPSA, and MIC. The certification with these regulatory councils lends transparency and reliability in our services. We providing brief on each migration regulatory body for your consideration.

  • ICCRC-It is a non-profile migration regulatory authority certified by the Canadian Government. With the certification of ICCRC, we specialize in providing services in regard of Canada Visa.
  • MARA-The accreditation from MARA authenticates our credibility as the reliable migration service provider for Australia.
  • OISC-The certification from OISC (UK-based immigration regulatory body) testimonies our competence of providing visa services for the United Kingdom.
  • MIA-The MIA is a statutory body for Australian migration assistance provider worldwide. It certifies us an authentic visa service provider for Australia.

Professional Team:

Another factor, which proves us a reliable companion for your immigration journey, is our team. We are empowered by dedicated, qualified, experienced MARA certified immigration lawyers and consultants. The consultants hold expertise in handling visa case of students, skilled immigrants, businesspersons, and others. They are experienced in tackling the most complicated case efficiently. Their strategic approach and techniques make every applicant cherish his/her goals.


At our end, we offer a smorgasbord of services, including, Online immigration assessment and Visa Documentation, and that help you get the visa easily without much ado. The services are provided by experts to keep any sort of confusion, complication, and stress at bay. Along with this, we provide Resume Writing and Job Assistance, which make you fetch job opportunities abroad. Your resume is drafted by skilled CV writers, as per the prevailing international standards, representing you the most eligible candidate for the job vacancy.

Our service is dedicated to providing you excellent job opportunities overseas. Our experts guide you through the entire procedure, from visa assessment, job search to final settlement. We provide the best employment from the leading employer of the world.

We Operate Online:

Yes, we operate online, which means that you do not have to run through the lanes of immigration offices for the visa proceedings as we provide all the services online. Our online services benefit you many ways that have been discussed below. The motive of online assistance is to providing clients with utmost comfort while they are with us.

Saves Time:
Online assessment or enquiry is easy and quick, which saves your time

You need not to wander around the offices for getting the visa that you have applied for, as you can keep a tap on the proceeding while sitting at home with our online visa enquiry.

Our online services are free of cost.

Round the clock services:
You are free to use online services whenever and wherever you want. You can get into contact with us 24*7 as per our convenience.

Confidential and Transparent:
We are committed to maintain confidentiality of the client’s details in all aspects of the services.

These are the benefits that you may enjoy, if you are planning to join the club of successful immigrants across the world. We are committed to rendering the best-in-class services in respect of immigrant to any part of the world.

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