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About Immigration Overseas

Immigration Overseas is an organized name in the migration industry, offering sound visa and immigration services sharing broad migration service ground. We are thoroughly focusing on trending global mobility, thereby rendering specialized services. It is the entire team under Immigration overseas that has backed

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Lush green sceneries, exclusive wildlife, soothing beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty, are the characteristics that make Australia, a wonderland. The history, culture, diversity, food & wine of Australia, are enough to keep you under the spell. Being a developed country, it offers an endless growth possibilities for study and work.

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Canada has been a prime destination for immigration for people worldwide. With strong GDP and high human development index, the country provides a pathway to the better future. It also has one of the advanced education facilities, that let students shape their career with flying colors. The Atantic Ocean and numerous mountain ranges offer a variety

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India, a land which rejoices unity in diversity, multicultural values and rich tradition. Each state of the country spells its own unique heritage, which can leave tourists bewitched. A variety of classical dances, unparalleled architecture and soothing music, keeps your spirit high. The country can leave you spoilt for a choice with multifarious tourism options,

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an oceanic island country which is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The country is acknowledged worldwide for its underwater wonders, rolling green hills, black sand surf beaches and wildlife. It also offers a plethora of growth opportunities for businessmen, student and job seekers, owing to the developed economy.

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Work Permit

A legal approval from a country's government, which allows a non-citizen to take up a job within that country is called a work permit. Under child labor laws, a permit may be given to minors, allowing them to work legally. Work visa may be required to execute certain functions within a factory outside of normal operational tasks within an industry. It varies in every country across the globe. A work permit is a document which authorises an individual to hunt for employment and hold down a job. If the employee is not a citizen of the country where he or she wants to take up a job then a work permit is necessary.

What is the duration of work permit?

The minimum duration of the visa immigration Australia is 30-60 days and the maximum duration is 5 years. However, it is mainly dependent on the factors related to the project and the employer. The work permit can be extended after your application for the same is filed with the immigration authorities of that country.

What is the processing time of work permit?

The processing time for the working visa to Australia varies as it is based on the country you are applying from and to. There are some countries that allow the candidate to file a paper as well as online application. The minimum processing time is usually between 8 to 12 weeks, whereas the maximum processing time is 1 month to 3 months.

What are the benefits of work permit?

Temporary resident – Once you obtain a work permit, you become the temporary resident of that country. You can avail the benefits that the country offers like travel across the country, social benefits and health care benefits.

Foreign currency – If you are a nation of a developing country and get a work permit for a developed country then you earn money in the developed country's currency. For example, if you are an Algerian who works in Canada then you would be paid in Canadian Dollars. Therefore, when the Canadian Dollar (CA$) is converted to Algerian Dinar (DNZ) you will be able to earn more money.

Relocation – You can work and reside abroad in less than six months once you are issued a work permit.

Dependants – Many countries allow the work permit holder to bring their spouse and children with them. The children can study in a public school free of cost. The spouse can also work based on the immigration rules of the country.

Apply for Permanent Residency – You can become a permanent resident of the country for which you have a work permit if you are eligible. What is the requirement of working visa?

Age – The applicant must be aged between 18 to 50. You should not have turned 50 when you apply for the work permit.

Language ability – The participant should be proficient in the language of the country you wish to apply. For example, if you are applying for a Quebec work permit then you should be competent in French.

Health insurance – Some countries require a health insurance as it is a mandate.

Employer sponsorship - To procure a work permit the participant must have a valid offer of employment from the recruiter. The embassy shall sanction the work permit based on the offer.

Health and character requirements – The candidate has to meet the character and health requirements laid down as per the norms and guidelines of the country where you want to work.

Academic credentials –The applicant should have the educational certificates that are necessary for the job profile he/ she qualifies for.

Valid passport – Once of the major necessity of the work permit is a valid passport.

No criminal record – Applicants should not have a criminal record or indulge in activities that make the authorities of the country suspicious of their actions.

There are several countries offering work permit to skilled workers. The countries are:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand

If you have any questions and queries pertaining to the work visa to Australia, contact Immigration overseas, a leading international immigration law firm. We offer you the best solutions as we are focused on guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our expertise in this domain helps us deliver unsurpassed services.

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